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Latest Release August 7, 2023

Gerry Jack Macks
Canadian Singer/Songwriter

New Single Released December 21, 2023

Are You Mine

(feat. Sheila Soares & Sara Varro)

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Music and Lyrics by Myrna Lorraine Petrunka, Don Grashey, and James Amadeo — ©1954 Copyright Jamie Music Publishing Co
Recording and Master Rights 2023 Gerry Jack Macks
Sheila Soares: Vocals
Gerry Jack Macks: Vocals, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitars, Piano, Electric Bass
Drums Arranged, Performed, and Recorded by Sara Varro
Produced, Arranged, Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Gerry Jack Macks
in the Dusty Cottonwood Studios, Kamloops, BC, Canada

ISRC: CAKJQ2300005 UPC: 198026799272
Released: 12/21/2023

Sheila Soares Joins Gerry
on a Classic Country Duet

The Classic Country Duet Are You Mine, written and recorded in 1954 by Mryna Lorrie and Buddy DeVal, is one of the Memory Songs from my childhood.

Our family spent a Summer in the late 1950s at my Dad's bush sawmill camp on the south side of Salmon Lake on the Douglas Lake Ranch. In the evenings, after taking dips in the lake, the sawmill crew and our family would sit by the cabins. Some of the crew would bring out their guitars, and I remember my Mom, with her guitar, joining them to sing this song and a few others that would become classics.

This song remained among my favourite memories ever since. I have been wanting to bring out my own version since I started releasing new Recordings in 2019, waiting for the right singer to join me. This fall, Kamloops-raised Jazz and genre-crossing Singer Sheila Soares agreed to join me on this Recording with her Sweet Voice.

This is what we came up with, our own unique version.

  — Gerry Jack Macks

3/4 Century-old Canadian Country Classic

Gerry Jack Macks continues his series of collaborations with other great Canadian Musicians on his latest release. This time, Sweet-voiced multi-genre Songstress Sheila Soares joins Drummer Sara Varro and Gerry to revive a 3/4 Century-old Canadian Country Classic with their own unique version of Country Hall-of-Famer, First Lady of Canadian Country Music Myrna Lorrie's Are You Mine.

Co-written by Myrna with other Canadians James Amadeo and Hall-of-Famer Don Grashey — who, among his other Music Milestones, discovered Loretta Lynn, Carrol Baker, and Myrna — the song was first recorded in 1954 by 14-year-old Myrna and Buddy DeVal (aka James Amadeo), released by Abbott Records, and hit #6 on the Billboard Charts.

The song became a Classic Country Standard, listed as the most-recorded Country Music Duet, recorded by several artists, including Loretta Lynn and legendary Texas Troubador Ernest Tubb.

Are You Mine graced the Billboard and Cashbox Charts several times, including #2 on both charts early 1956. Are You Mine received the Song of the Year award from BMI in the US in 1955 and from BMI in Canada in 1976.

  — Toby Gibson

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